Run Happy

Today my speed work consisted of “running” to Philadelphia to pick up my bib for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon while the boys were in school – and making it back in time to pick them up.  Success!  It was actually easier than I expected. I usually consider packet pick-up confusing and disorganized, but not this one.  Sometimes the differences between an established big race and a smaller new race are really obvious.

Bib RnR

Since I had not planned to run this race originally, I didn’t know much about the Expo or the “swag.”  I have to admit that I actually like the shirts.  Brooks is the major sponsor for this race, so the shirts are Brooks shirts and pretty good quality.  I even like the color!  Amazing!

RnR Shirt

Since I was one of the first in line I was even able to get an extra shirt – the original is going to my friend who was supposed to be running tomorrow.  Nothing too exciting in the bag…ho hum.  But that is ok.  Since Brooks is the sponsor, they were offering a good discount on their running shoes.  I love the Brooks pure line and desperately needed a new pair.  What a great coincidence!  (Yes, I sent the Pure Connect back.  Too minimal for me.)

Brooks Pure Flow 2

Being at the Expo did make the race more real for me though.  The starting line butterflies began to make an early appearance.  I am getting excited!


Probably the craziest thing there though, was the mechanical bull…I mean sneaker.  Maybe when I am back tomorrow with my friends I will ride it.  We’ll see.  Yes, it actually spins – fast!

Shoe Bull

One thing is for sure.  With 40 girls from my running club running this race, it is bound to be a good time.  So, one soccer game to go and then race day.  Wish me luck!

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite running shoe and why?


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