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Today was the day! Radio City day!

20141204_160932 Every year since the boys were very little we have gone to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular. We love this day. The city, and this area in particular, is so festive at Christmas. It’s a great way to kick off the season.

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What’s more fun than giant Christmas decorations? It’s a great metaphor for the city as well, where everything seems larger than life.

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We thought a bit this year about seeing a different show since we have seen the Christmas Spectacular more than a few times. I’m so glad we didn’t. Each year the show is a little different and we love it every year. It just makes you happy. I have learned that pictures do not come out very well inside the theater, but the final act is too good not to try to get a photo of!


Of course we have to visit our favorite places while we are here. For the boys, that means the Lego store.


We did less walking around this year because of mine and Aidan’s matching footwear. It’s a good thing there is so much to do at Rockefeller Center!  We skipped ice skating, but it is fun to watch other people skate too.20141204_235147

Of course we had our share of street food. Pretzels, hot dogs, falafel, candied peanuts. None of us love roasted chestnuts but the smell is still festive.

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Of course everyone knows the window displays are a show themselves. Some of them even have lines! I love this texting snowman though. Maybe because I have an autocorrect issue myself. 😉


The lights are so beautiful at night.

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St Patrick’s still has scaffolding on it, but it is starting to look really good. (Why do these projects take so long? Remember how long it took for the scaffolding to come off of the Statue of Liberty?)

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The boys decided that we need to go back again before Christmas. I’m not sure when we will fit that in, but we’ll see.

So, I am wondering, what are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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