Preparation Day

The boys are always talking about “Preparation Day” for one of their favorite games, Clash of Clans. They are very serious about it. Today was my version of preparation day and it felt a tiny bit like I was getting ready for a war too. Of course it’s only camping and Dane’s birthday and my upcoming 5k.

I didn’t have much time for a run today, so a tempo run made perfect sense. I didn’t think much about it before I went because of the million other things going on. I am glad for this – tempo runs are not usually my favorite until they are done!


We will be celebrating while we are camping, so we decided to make goody bags for all of the kids. Flashlights and ring pops are a must at camp.  😉


Only Dane’s den will be wearing birthday shirts though! I hate ironing. I try to never do it. While I was making these shirts the dryer was running an extra cycle so the clothes wouldn’t wrinkle!


We had Dane’s favorite dinner tonight since there are no other free nights until after his birthday.  Chinese, of course!


Aidan was not that thrilled about it. Can you tell?

So, I am wondering, do you iron?

I am also wondering, do your kids play Clash of Clans?

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  1. Angela

    No and No. Lol

    You are nuts! Love the goodie bags and Mike will be excited! Happy birthday, Dane!

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