Pinewood Derby 2014

Our Pack Pinewood Derby race was this past Saturday.  It was a fun and exciting, long and exhausting day.  The boys loved it.

starting gate1

The boys race by rank and Aidan was up first.  They start with a nerve racking technical inspection.  Aidan’s car weighed in at 5.04 ounces and Dane’s car weighed 5.03 ounces.  Exactly what we were shooting for.  I am happy to report that both boys passed without any issues this year.  Phew!

my guys

race today

Aidan’s Ninja Mobile had very good competition at the Webelos I rank.  The cars in this heat were very fast this year!

PWD cars A

Even so, Aidan took first place in a couple of races with speeds of 212 – 214 miles per hour!  His Ninja Mobile was one fast car!

A 1st place finish

As usual, it was so much fun watching the cars zoom down the track.  The boys all cheer each other on and are such good sports about each race.

A pwd

At the end of Aidan’s day he took home second place in his overall rank and fourth place in his rank finals.  It was hard for me to see him lose the third place trophy by a tenth of a second (check out his speed – it was a good race!), but he took it in stride and enjoyed the rest of the races throughout the day.

A results

Next, it was Dane’s turn to race with the Wolf rank.  He tried a new design with his “Black Hole” car this car year and couldn’t wait to see how it worked.

Danes Car

He was not disappointed with a number of first place races!

Dane 1st place finish

Both boys also had the honor of leading the Pledge of Allegiance for their rank.

D pwd

We had a great time cheering Dane and his friends on throughout the day.  Dane ended up taking home the second place trophy for his rank!

Dane results

Another successful Pinewood Derby put on by the wonderful volunteers of Pack 61.  These are the days our boys (and girls) will remember.  Here are some more cool cars.

minecraft car

pokemon car

So, I am wondering, why are really fun times always exhausting?



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