Perfect Night

It was a perfect summer night with friends tonight.  Seventeen kids from 5 – 16 swimming in the pool and playing manhunt with glow sticks and the five of us hanging out on the deck chatting.  You can’t ask for a better night than that!  Jeannette you are awesome and crazy to have us all over!  Of course by the time I thought about taking pictures it was dark outside.

best friendsnever enough

I am missing my guy, even though I know he is having an awesome time camping with his friends.

Aidan camp

Dane and I had a fun dinner date though.  He is such a great kid.  It’s also fun that we can share bruschetta and buffalo chicken cheese steak.  My boy with the grown up taste.  He wasn’t the biggest fan of having his picture taken in the restaurant though!

Dane dinner date

This is where my Aidan is tonight with his friends.


We have been having a great week at camp.

camp misc

fun photo bombing the crew

Swimming in the lake is definitely a favorite activity.

swim camp

The boys were very excited to do whittling so that they can earn their pocket knives.  Dane made a boat out of his bar of soap.


Everyone loves time at the BB Gun range too.

bb range

Runners will often tell you that they are pretty much always starving from using so many calories while running.  After this week I am convinced that walking around in the woods all day actually makes you more hungry!  It is perfectly normal to eat yogurt directly from the container, right?


All of this time at camp has not left me with much time for running this week.  Today I decided if I couldn’t run the distance I wanted, I would at least run fast.  Not quite 5k pace, but not too bad.

3 miles



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