Outdoor Christmas Decorating

The weekend after Thanksgiving is the time for the boys and I to decorate for Christmas.  Sometimes we do it earlier if we get a warm weekend.  No such luck this year!  So we turn on Christmas music as we bring the boxes up from the basement and then head outside.

D.JPG We only had a few glitches this year with burnt out bulbs and I think it turned out pretty good.  This is just a small part.

house2 Of course it looks better in person.  I have a secret weapon that I found last year.  I used to put up a ton of lights on string and it took forever.  Then I found a laser light projector that covers the whole house in dots of green (well, we chose the green laser).  It is a pretty cool effect – different than the rest of the neighborhood.  I still put up the traditional lights, just not as many and I am done much faster!  Bonus.  One of my favorite outdoor decorations is a sign the boys made for me a few years ago out of wood.  Nana and Popop helped them with it and they surprised me for Christmas.


Sammy, our elf found a clever spot today.  The boys had asked him yesterday to tell them a trick that they could use while playing Minecraft.  LOL.  So he wrote them a letter giving them some new ideas for the game.

Sammy30 Dane made him a rainbow loom bracelet as a thank you token.  I am sure he will be wearing it when he returns tomorrow morning.  The boys are in for another surprise tomorrow morning.  December 1st starts our (and everyone else’s, I’m sure) advent calendar.  We have a tradition of using the Lego Star Wars advent calendar every year.  The boys alternate days.  This year I bought it in advance – before the secondary market got a hold of it and marked the price up.  I hate that.

advent So, I am wondering, do you open an advent calendar in your house?  Is it pre-filled, or do you fill it?  With what?


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