Out of Order

Life is moving fast here!  Today we stopped to enjoy it for a bit with Nana and Popop and had lunch on the dock.


We are enjoying every moment of this crazy summer though!  One day at a time we are doing all of the things we love.  This is what we have been up to lately.

Boogie boarding and spending time with friends at the beach.

boogie board 1.JPG boogie board 2.JPG


golf collage

Running, of course!.  This summer it has felt like my lungs just can’t keep up with my legs.  I think it is a combination of the humidity and summer allergies (since when are there summer allergies, by the way?  But we are all going crazy with them this year!).  The last two days we have finally gotten a break from the humidity and it feels great.  Not exactly fall running, but better than what we have been having.

8 mile collage

And the much anticipated (by Fezzy) evening walk.

fezzy walk2

Tomorrow we have the running club,

trailblazers shirt

and the Raingutter Regatta with the Scouts.  Here are the boys’ boats.  I bet you can’t guess which one is Aidan’s and which one is Dane’s, right?



So, I am wondering,do you like swimming in the ocean?


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