No Tie Laces

I looked down at the boys shoes the other day and realized it was past time for new sneakers.  I already knew they were getting snug, but now it was certain they were getting gross too!  With that thought I decided to cave on the no tie laces I got at a race last summer.

no tie laces

We have some fine motor issues in our house and my OT friends recommend we struggle through the shoe lace tying debacle every time we need to go somewhere.  I think that is good advice, but not always practical.  For us, the shoes get “tied,” sort of.  If they retained any sort of tie from the last wearing you can bet the boys will accept them as is.  So whether they are freshly tied or leftover from the last wear, five minutes or so after they put them on I am sure to be repeating my famous mantra “tie your shoe.”  If I am really frustrated I will bend down and tie the wet, dirty laces myself to ensure a tight (hopefully long lasting) knot.  This is just not working for me anymore!  The boys are very excited for a change also.

Yesterday the boys got new sneakers, which now have no tie laces in them.  The white flag is raised and I officially give up.  I am pretty sure I am going to be thrilled that I did.  Here are Dane’s sneakers with the original laces.

new sneakers

And here they are with the no tie laces.

new sneakers3

new sneakers2

These laces are marketed mostly for athletes and come in various forms.  We have the curly variety that were a promotion at one of my races.  You can get these laces from many online retailers, but they are hard to find in stores.  Even Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t carry them.

Another style of elastic no tie laces are made by xtenex.

No tie laces1

You can purchase these here and probably at other online retailers.

Finally, my least favorite option is lock laces.  These laces provide compression with a no tie option.  I am never looking for compression in my shoes, and I don’t want my kids to have to deal with tight shoes either.  They may be right for others though.

lock laces

You can purchase these here and many other places.

Today is our first day of no hassle shoe laces!  It is going to be a good day.

So, I am wondering, do your child’s shoelaces stay tied?  At what age is this no longer an issue?

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  1. Anonymous

    Christian taught himself how to tie his laces this year … No bunny ears. I was shocked!

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