No Commitments


Today was supposed to be a day with no commitments.  No appointments, no sports, no scouts.  That didn’t last long though!  At least I got to start the day off with a run.  The trail was a bit slippery and it was a bit cold (23 degrees), but it was fun anyway.  Along the way Eileen and I passed a couple of crazy girls from our running club training for a spring marathon.  Now that is crazy!  It makes me feel much better about signing up for a half marathon in February.  Thanks Dawn and Kim!


I got to spend some quality time with Dane today after a doctor’s appointment.  It is so rare that I get time with just one of my boys.  I am thankful for it!

Dane cake pop

Not long afterwards another commitment popped up.  Oh well.  At least we are never bored!  I still got to make Butternut Squash Black Bean Burritos for dinner.  Mmm.  And they fit in nicely with our quest to eat more healthy.  I adapted this recipe from one posted on

butternut squash burrito

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]So, I am wondering, what did you have for dinner tonight?


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