New Year’s Eve… With Kids

Remember the days when New Year’s Eve was the biggest party night of the year?  If you have little (or not so little) ones at home, your definition of a New Year’s party has probably changed a bit.  Here are some ideas of how to enjoy this special night with your special little people.

NYE 2014

Countdown Bags  Prepare in advance a special bag for each hour of your celebration before midnight.  The bags can be filled with a special treat, an idea for a game to play, supplies for a craft or an activity (think puzzles, novelty toys, etc.).

NYE bags

Time Zone Celebration  Collect clocks from around your house and set them to the time of famous cities in different time zones.  Each time one of the cities hits midnight, you can ring in the new year with them.  Blow your party horns, have a toast, throw confetti!  If you want to take this a idea further, you could find out how that city celebrates New Year’s Eve and follow that tradition for the hour.  For an extensive list of different celebrating styles, see’s_Eve.

NYE paris

Good Luck Token Craft  An activity and party favor all in one!  Collect rocks before the big night for each person at your celebration.  Set up a painting and decorating station where each person can paint their “Good Luck Rock.”  Metallic paint, glitter and even googly eyes will make this rock a special keepsake for the kids.

NYE rocks

Piñata Drop  Have your own ball drop at home!  This one, however, can be filled with candy and toys!

NYE pinata

Early Count Down  If your kids are not staying up until midnight, plan on an early count-down.  Tell everyone ahead of time that your count down will start at 8:45 for a 9:00 “ball drop”.  Set all your timers – oven, microwave, cell phones – and count down the last minute out loud with your kids.  Don’t forget the horns, confetti and toast at the end!

NYE clock

Dessert Fun  Have your table set with holiday crackers for everyone at dessert.  These fun novelties usually include a paper hat, small toy and a joke.  Serve dessert with a sparkler for added fun!

NYE crackers

NYE dessert

Minute to Win It Games  These quick games are fun for everyone and you are sure to find examples that work for all ages.  This site has great examples for kids, but the official website has games as well.

NYE mtw

Have Fun, Make Noise!  Set up a bubble blower in a room with a rug to turn on for your count down.  Fill balloons with confetti to be popped at midnight.  Lay bubble wrap on the floor for the kids to stomp on.  Be sure to have sparkling cider (or even Sprite!) for the kids as well as party blowers and hats.

NYE noise

NYE drink

These are just some of the many great ideas for New Year’s Eve fun with your kids.  After all, this can still be a special night – even if you don’t spend a ton of money going out to celebrate with strangers and wake up with a hangover the next day!  (Can you tell I am over all of that?)

So, I am wondering, will you be with your kids on New year’s Eve?


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