New Goals

Many of the things that have kept us busy and full of anticipation seem to be winding down around here lately.  For example, tonight was our last soccer practice with the Red Dragons.  It was such a fun practice.  We made sure to do all of the kids’ favorites.  We played Sharks and Minnows, scrimmaged and ran races.  (Can you believe it?  The kids always request running races!)


My dad and I have decided to definitely coach a travel team going forward, so hopefully we will see a lot of our players on our new team.  It’s time to take my little keeper to the next level!  It will be exciting.


We will be sad to say goodbye to our guys at the last game Saturday.  At least they will get their medals!  Who doesn’t love a medal?

soccer1 It is time to set some new running goals too.  I only have one race left on my calendar and my training is feeling a bit flat.  I have been running by the ocean lately for inspiration.

beach2How can you not feel good after a workout with that view?  The island is 18 miles long, so it is just a matter of choosing your distance and going.  It is much quieter now that the summer is over.  I like the crowds.  The island feels festive to me when they are there.  But even in the winter I love living here with the bay on one side and the ocean on the other.

bay1 beach1

I am seeing the orthopedist tomorrow for my heel.  I am going to wait to see what he says before I set my new goal.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

We tried another new fall recipe that was awesome.  Pumpkin alfredo pasta.

pumpkin alfredo

Of course I couldn’t just follow the recipe.  I added garlic (which makes almost everything better in our house!), cinnamon and sage and substituted the cream with light cream.  If you like savory pumpkin dishes, you will love this!

So, I am wondering, when do you set new goals?


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