National Running Day Is Almost Here…

National Running Day is a coast to coast celebration of one of the simplest and most fulfilling sports available.  Held annually on the first Wednesday of June, runners across the country declare their love for the sport by hitting the pavement (or the trail, or the sand…).  This is also a great time for runners to share what they love about their sport.  For me, there are so many reasons!  Friends, of course.  This is another one:

I run because

If you want to learn more about National Running Day, or to get your own badge (or bib to wear on Wednesday), check out the National Running Day website.

National Running Day is also a great day to start running!  Grab some friends and head out!

running friends

Here is a link to a Couch to 5k app you can download to your phone and take with you on your run.  No excuses!


So, I am wondering, will you run on Wednesday?

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