Summer is all about early days and late nights.  We took advantage of one of those early mornings and had breakfast at McDonalds before swimming.  We almost never do this so the boys really love it.

McDonalds breakfast

After swimming today we went mining with our Cub Scout friends at Sterling Mines.

SM kids

Sterling Mine 1

This is an old zinc mine that now gives tours.  The kids loved being inside a real mine!

SM inside collage

They learned a bit about how the mine worked when it was open.  They also got to see different minerals and even some fossils.  This is the kids with a giant fossilized dinosaur poop!    Are you surprised that they all had to touch it?

SM dino poop

They had a chance to do some mining themselves too.  They found garnet, marble, coal and sandstone among other things.  Our Minecraft fans were thrilled with the obsidian!

SM mining collage

There were even fluorescent rocks there!  The zinc ore that was mined here glows under black lights.

SM fluorescent collage

There were plenty of other minerals to see as well.

SM rock collage

And other mining gear.

SM gear

SM wheel5

SM wheel1 SM wheel4

It was a great trip.

SM crew

We desperately needed food and caffeine before the long trip home so we stopped at Panera – one of Loren’s favorites.  I wish we had one of these near us!


So, I am wondering, have you been to a mine?


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