Making Sparkleballs

This rainy weekend the boys and I decided to make Sparkleballs.  They are very cool lights/ornaments that you make from plastic cups and a string of lights.  Here are the boys Sparkleballs when they were done.

sparkleballs 040

We had a lot of fun making these, but don’t let them fool you!  They are harder to make than they look!  First, and most importantly, you have to find the right cups.  Finding soft, clear 9 oz plastic cups doesn’t sound so hard, right?  We ended up with these cups, which worked well, but not with the no-melt directions we planned to use.  These cups were not “soft.”

sparkleballs 007

Thankfully I had a soldering iron, but I don’t recommend using this method.  Look for Solo soft 9 oz tumbler style cups so you can use a hole punch instead.  You can get them here.  You will also need small zip ties, beads and a string of 100 lights.

sparkleballs 009

You make the ball in halves, one row at a time.  Here are the boys with their first rows.

sparkleballs 012 sparkleballs 014

Here they are with their first half completed.

sparkleballs 016 sparkleballs 020

This is my first half – and all that is done of mine yet!

sparkleballs 019

Once both halves were done, it was time to add the lights.  This part is a bit tricky.  The boys reluctantly let me help with this step.

sparkleballs 024

Finally, both halves are attached. 

sparkleballs 028 sparkleballs 030

They look so cool lit up!  We will hang these in the boys’ rooms tomorrow.

sparkleballs 035 sparkleballs 036

If you want to make these, you can find directions here: or here:

Between Sparkleballs, dinner with Nana and Popop and Easter decorations, we had a fun, rainy weekend. 

sparkleballs 005 sparkleballs 001

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite recent project?


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