Lunch Dates and Long Runs

Now that the kids are back in school quiet lunch dates with real conversations are possible again.  My mom and I met at Schwee Tea for our favorite hummus avocado sandwich and zinger juice.  I was so excited I had to take a bite before I could take a picture.


So yummy.  I have tried to replicate this sandwich at home and it is close, but not the same.

My soccer team’s uniforms came in and the boys were so excited.  We ended up having a bye this weekend so they will have to wait a little longer to wear them.


The 18 Miler training continues. Before long runs I usually drink a pre workout shake.  I swear by Ucan, even though I don’t love the way it tastes.  It is labeled as a “Superstarch,” but it is basically a slow release carbohydrate that provides you energy over an extended period of time.  As an added bonus, you mix it with water so you are hydrated before you run too!  (I usually drink coffee before a run – the opposite of hydration!).


My long run this week was 14 miles, so I’m getting there!  You know I have to run 18 once before the race.  I hate hitting a wall on race day.  Today was a good run.  I am going to do all of my long training runs on the island so I am used to it again before race day.


It was a beautiful day too.



I am getting used to my new phone and I love the camera.  As a bonus, I am free from the daunting reminder of how many emails I have to respond to!

photo vs. Screenshot_2014-09-12-20-02-44

I might have to take the pedometer off of my new phone though!  Have you ever used one of these?  I used to wear one a while ago and it is a lot of pressure!

So, I am wondering, has a pedometer or other exercise app changed your habits for the better?


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