Love the In Between

Life here has been about those little moments recently. The things we do in between the exciting, planned for, much awaited times. Here are the boys doing homework this afternoon before soccer practice.


I’m so glad we still have fun in these ordinary times because, really, these moments make up most of our lives! Soccer practice was exciting for me tonight. I was finally able to take a few shots on Dane again in goal. Not as many as I would like and not as strong as I used to, but it is progress! I really missed practicing with him.


I love this sign.

yoga run love

Yoga is a life saver for an injured runner. But for now I am replacing “run” with “bike.” Jeannette finally got me out on my bike to cross train. Since I don’t do triathlons, my bike is a beach cruiser – not really a training bike. Also, I never really thought of riding my bike as exercise. Guess what? I was wrong.  We had a great time riding and it was definitely exercise.

blurred_image(21-10-2014 10-5-51)

The sky is so pretty in the fall.


The colder weather means that our lemon tree has moved back inside the house. The flowers smell so pretty! This is never an easy transition for it and we are just about to have lemons! I hope they make it.


Monday was Philly day. It is busy there again now that the colleges are back in session. Although I always think NYC is less crowded in the summer too.


So remember,

love in between

So, I am wondering, is it a really bad idea for me to make home made oreos?


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