Life is Schweet!

Another snowy day…  It was so pretty out today though!  Big fat snowflakes that stayed on the ground just long enough to make everything beautiful for a bit.  I love running the trail in this weather.  The girls and I got in our first run since the half.  Eileen and Deirdre showed up in matching outfits!  I guess Jen and I didn’t get the memo.

E & D

snowy trail (2)

 Fezzy was ready for the cold this morning on his way to take the boys to school.  He takes his job seriously!


Last night we had out last basketball practice.  I will miss my team!  It was definitely a growth experience for both Aidan and I.  I feel so lucky to have had the chance to do this with him.  I gave our guys a team photo as a memento.  One more game and then on to soccer and baseball.

bball pic

My mom and I had one of my favorites for lunch today – a hummus and avocado sandwich from The Schwee Tea Co.  This is possibly the best sandwich you have ever tasted!  I want one right now just looking at this picture.  If you haven’t gone there yet, you should try it.

schwee tea

schwee tea1So, I am wondering, do you like avocados?

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  1. Jersea Runner Girl

    I LOVE avocados and I really need to get to Schwee Tea! I keep meaning to go but I always think about it when I have a kid or two with me and I don’t want to drag them in and out 😉

    1. (Post author)

      Its not the best place for kids unless you are making a stop at Cake That! I cant wait until they get a bigger place – I hope that day is coming.

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