Last Times

It’s that bittersweet time of year where it seems like every day it is the “last time” you do something.  Tonight was the last practice for my soccer team.  I’m going to miss those boys!  At least we have a game left this weekend and some of them will be continuing with me in the fall.  The game this weekend will be fun – we are going to take team pictures and I get to give the boys their medals afterwards.

soccer medals

I guess the bright side is that my car will no longer be a traveling locker room.  I might even go food shopping again.  (Probably not!  I’m guessing Shop Rite is already crazy with beach visitors!)  The sport gear will be replaced by beach gear in no time.  At least that smells a lot better!

car locker room

My hot yoga mat finally arrived!  It was waiting for me when I got home from yoga.  LOL.  Yes, believe it or not, there are special mats for hot yoga.  This one promises not to get slippery and is machine washable.  A definite plus!  It was getting a little gross using Hot or Not’s mats.  Of course Ken, our twenty-five pound cat, decided he can fit in the box.  He still thinks he is a kitten.

yoga mat

We actually had a free night the other night so the boys immediately suggested Xbox when their homework was finished.  Here they are, my little men in training, standing as close as they can get to the TV.  I will never understand this, but I have seen guys do this same thing with sports.  Can anyone explain this to me?  They are cute though.

boys TV

It’s good to have someone to snuggle with when you aren’t feeling that well.


I was not going to include this, but after hearing from my friends, I have decided I will.  Dane came home from school with a math test today that really confused me.  I think my boys are so smart (we are supposed to be our kids’ biggest fans, right?  That is not bragging!), but I get such a kick out of seeing it in action.  The general consensus is that his answer is correct.  What do you think?  He still got a good grade on the test.  It is really just the principle involved.


Tomorrow is Friday the 13th!

13th bigbad13

So, I am wondering, are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?  Is it a lucky day for you or an unlucky day for you?


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  1. Anonymous

    1st…Dane should definitely not been penalized four pts. for that answer!!!!! He is 100%100 correct.
    2nd…..I was born on Friday the 13th so I was told growing up ….nothing bad can happen to me…lol

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