Last Hurrah

Vacation is coming to an end for the boys and I think we all have mixed feelings about it.  This has been a great break and we wanted to finish it off with a last hurrah, so to speak.  With that in mind we got up early (well, earlier than we have been) for a Cub Scout breakfast meeting.  This was a treat for the parents and the boys.  The boys were cooking breakfast for everyone!  Our guys set the table, cut up fruit and made pancakes for 27 people!  They did such a great job and breakfast was delicious.


Like true gentleman they served everyone else before they sat down to eat.


Finally it was their turn to eat.


It was definitely a special breakfast – we don’t often get to have breakfast with 24 good friends and the boys loved the responsibility of “hosting.”  A big thanks to Loren and John for having us all at your house so early in the morning!

Later in the day the boys each had a friend over to hang out.  Having four kids play together is sometimes easier than just three, as it turns out.  The fun did not end there though.  One of their friends stayed for a sleepover.

Sleepover 003

And more came later for an impromptu play date!  (I am actually not allowed to call it a play date anymore, but as you can see I am having trouble breaking the habit).  The boys love to “join” each other on their I products and play Minecraft together.  LOL.

Sleepover 007.JPG

Does this even count as playing?

Sleepover 005.JPG

They laughed and played and had a great time, so I guess it does.

So, I am wondering, are you ready for your kids to go back to school?

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  1. Anonymous

    Love that it is called a sleepover. What sleep? Christian was in bed by 7:00.

    1. (Post author)

      Mine too. They “weren’t tired,” but went up anyway and fell right asleep! It was a good plan to get them to bed early for the first day back to school.

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