Last Basketball Games

This weekend we had our last basketball games of the season.  It was fun and a little bit sad all at the same time.  I am so glad I coached Aidan’s team.  I ended up enjoying it a lot and it was a special time for Aidan and I.  I also got to know some of his friends better.  I had a great group of boys on our team and I will miss them too!

A bball collage

Aidan played a great game!  He made another basket too – this time off of a foul shot.  I can never take pictures of Aidan playing since I am coaching, but I had a photographer at this game.  Dane was in charge of all photos and did a great job.  This is a picture of Aidan’s shot going in.

A last basketball & Bronx Bombers 011

It was a good game, followed by trophies!  Always a highlight of any season.

A last basketball & Bronx Bombers 029

Dane had a great game as well.  He scored a couple of times, despite some drama on the court. 

Dane shot collage

Dane had a great team as well – full of friends he has played sports with for years now.  The smile on his face pretty much sums up his basketball experience.

D smiles bball collage

He had wonderful coaches this season.  It is so nice when your friends coach your kids!

Dane coaches

Nana came to both boys’ games, which made the boys very happy.

Dane Last BBall Game 074

So proud of my guy, who really demonstrated his sportsmanship this season.  I have two wonderful boys!

Dane Last BBall Game 068

So, I am wondering, will it stop snowing in time for soccer and baseball seasons?


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