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Our yoga instructor reminded us in class that it is a season of change, not just in the weather.  The kids are back in school and fall activities are in full force. With sports, after school activities and squeezing in family outings, life moves pretty fast in the fall.

life moves fast fb

Slowing down is a rare treat around here from the time school starts until after Christmas. So instead we will look around the soccer field or the campground or the pumpkin farm and enjoy it for what it is. One day, I’m sure we will miss it. As my yoga instructor said, “Find peace in the change.”

I’m trying really hard to find peace with not running. I know in the long run it will be better but this first week has been tough. I’m sure my friends and family will agree!



So for the second week I am going to come up with a game plan for the next 5 weeks. Any suggestions? What do you fall back on when you can’t run because of an injury?

bright side

One thing I am going to do is start wearing my activity tracker again. When I am running I don’t ever think about getting in enough steps or drinking enough water. Now I am though. It’s a bonus to keep track of your sleep as well.  Unless you don’t sleep much at all like a few of my good friends. Then maybe you don’t want to know!

I use a Jawbone Up24. It doesn’t have a display on the bracelet itself, but it syncs with your phone app using Bluetooth. It counts steps, sleep and calories. It even gives you stats about the quality of your sleep. You can add your goals into the app and it will help you achieve them. The Up is also pretty easy to wear. It is comfortable and doesn’t fall off. So it’s time to use it again!


So, I am wondering, do you wear an activity tracker?


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