Well, it’s February.  We are past the hype of the holidays and not even close to the promise of warm, sunny days.  It’s time for inspiration.


noun: inspiration.

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Synonyms: creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, imagination, originality.

Inspiration comes in many forms, thankfully, because in the middle of winter I can be fickle!  One day I may be inspired by a great recipe and the next day I might be looking to redo the boys’ rooms.  I was recently inspired by a Valentine’s Day idea I saw online and decided to go for it.  The idea is to put one valentine heart inscribed with a motivational, positive statement about your child on his or her door each day.  I love the idea!  It is a great way to remember to praise your child and he can see your praise each day.  I decided to use one door for both boys because their room doors are already taken.  Here it is so far (excuse the schedule!).

heart door1

Knitting is also inspiring to me so I decided to make a new project.  I wanted a special hat for the upcoming Central Park Half Marathon, so why not make one?  This hat is unique because it has an opening in the back for your ponytail!  Perfect for running in the cold.  You can find the pattern here:  I am still thinking of adding one more detail, but here it is so far.  This is the front:

pony tail hat 2

And this is the back:

Pony tail hat 1
Of course if we ever run out of ideas, we can always turn to or or for inspiration.  How do they think of this stuff?
Angry Birds Fruit
So, I am wondering, what inspires you in the middle of winter?

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