I Had To Bail On My Run Today…

I had to bail on my run today.  Thanks Emily for the pickup.

That was the status on one my runner friend’s Facebook page.  Immediately I felt concerned for him!  He runs often – did he have an injury?  Did he fall in the rain?  Was he being chased by a dog (one of my big fears when I am alone)? Did he get hit by a car (which did actually happen to me once when I used to live and run in Hoboken)?  He is not the type to cut a run short.

I was not the only one concerned.  He had many responses asking the same things.  His answer?  “After 8 miles I couldn’t hold it anymore.  Too much junk food yesterday.”  !@#! LMAO.

As runners, I think we can all relate!  Have you been there?

Poo Pic

Poop sign

As luck would have it, many articles have been devoted to this subject.  Active lists it as one of the 6 grossest things about running.  (http://beta.active.com/running/articles/the-6-grossest-things-about-running)  The Fitness Coach of Outside Online tries to explain why this phenomenon happens in this article – http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/fitness-coach/Why-Youre-Running-For-the-Restroom.html.  And, to round it out, Competitor takes a stab at telling us how to avoid those moments altogether.  (http://running.competitor.com/2013/04/training/why-do-i-have-to-poop-when-i-run_70934).  The moral of the story is-  Avoid Quest Bars Before A Long Run!

So, I am wondering would you cut your run short or find a secluded spot like the now infamous “Pooping Runner”?  Also, do you have any tips to avoid this problem?



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