He’s Back…


Tis the season! Have you “Elfed Yourself” yet? These videos are so funny. And yes that is my mom in the back right having fun with the grandkids. Check it out.

Speaking of elves, guess who is showing up a day late tomorrow? How is it already December 1st? At least he is bringing the advent calendar that is also a day late. Sammy is definitely a member of our family!


So it begins. Every night we will need a new plan for our crazy elves. These guys are so much fun, but definitely a lot of work. Need ideas for your elf’s next location? Here are some good ones.

It’s a good thing the boys remembered that Sammy only comes once we have decorated for Christmas. So we made sure to finish the outside decorations and start on the inside too. Here is my helper.


Now we really feel like it is the Christmas season. There is something about Christmas lights that just make you happy.

1-12-2014 11-30-9)face4face5face2face3

So I am wondering, when do you start decorating for the holidays?


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