Hershey at Christmas

We started a new tradition this year – our local family made the trip to Hershey, PA to do all of their Christmas activities. My parents lived there for quite a while, so we all feel a bit like it is still one of our hometowns.  We specifically went to see A Chocolate Avenue Christmas at the Hershey Lodge. My parents have done this before and knew it was a great show.

Hershey Family Pic

The show was amazing! It definitely could have been off Broadway (I only say off Broadway because it is a small show). If you have a chance to see it, you should go.


It is a dinner show and the food was great. Of course, dessert was an amazing chocolate cake!


Since it is a bit of a drive for us, we decided to do everything we could in one day. We never miss an opportunity to go to Chocolate World. Sometimes the boys and I come here just to go there!

Hershey Christmas Show 2014 011

Hershey me and boys

We have such great memories here.


Of course we always go on the factory tour ride.


How do my brother and sister in law know where the camera is and the rest of us don’t?  Hmm.

And of course we still get excited about the chocolate bars they hand out at the end of the ride.


Can you believe we finally got the boys to sit with Santa? It helped that their cousins were doing it.

Hershey Christmas Show 2014 025

Somehow we ended up getting a picture with him too!


The gingerbread house behind us is made entirely of real candy. Pretty amazing. The walls were white chocolate peppermint mini candy bars this year. Last year they were milk chocolate.

Since it was finally dark outside, it was time to see the lights.


The boys and I have seen the Hershey Sweet Lights before, but it was much more popular this year! I guess the residents were not that happy about the traffic in past years because they loop the car line through back roads and farmland to get to the entrance now. I won’t even tell you how long it took us to get to the entrance! Since we were in two cars, we put our phones on speaker and had fun while we waited. We laughed so hard! My brother called out all of the “quitters” that got out of line and turned around. My 5 year old nephew pointed out to us when we were going through the “Scary Prairie” (farmland) and the “Spooky Forest.” So the ride wasn’t that bad. The lights are amazing.


Photos really don’t do them justice. Especially the enchanted forest where you drive up and down a mountain (yes, even after going to school in Pennsylvania, those “hills” are still mountains to me!)


I’m so excited we all got to go to Hershey together this year. Can’t wait for next year.

Hershey Christmas Show 2014 052

So, I am wondering, have you been to Hershey?


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