Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope your day was as good as ours!  The boys woke up extra early to prepare me a special breakfast (with a little help from Nana!).


What a fun way to wake up!  It’s a good thing the boys were ready to help me eat all of this food.  Then we went downstairs to relax and show each other our presents.  Dane made me a wonderful heart box filled with chocolate heart pretzels.  He actually made the box and the candy himself.  He is so creative!

D heart2  D heart1

Aidan made me gummy roses.  They are so pretty I really didn’t want to eat them!  (Even though I love gummy candy).  I am spoiled!


I gave the boys each a goody bag of their favorite chocolate and little things.  They were happy.

boys presents

It was nice to have the day off.  We went to Nana’s and Popop’s house for lunch and to give them their Valentine’s gifts.  Then we came home and had friends over.  Overall, a very fun day!

Today was the last day of the boys’ conversation hearts.  The large hearts on the bottom are actually envelopes to hold all of the smaller hearts.  Maybe the boys will read them again later and know how important they are to me.


So, I am wondering, did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?


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