Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day a day early!  Today was my running club’s 5k / 10k race Shamrocks for Sandy.  What a fun morning!

me & boys


We were there bright and early.  Well, dark and early actually. 

Mom me & boys

My parents brought the boys and stayed for the entire race.  Thanks guys!

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 010

mom & boys

Holly and I had to get our pictures early at this race – she had a job to do later.

me & Holly

The one mile kids run is a leprechaun chase.  Guess who was the leprechaun?  I began to fear for her safety when the boys mentioned the kids were going to try to see who could “tag” her first!  She is a brave girl!  Doesn’t she look cute as the leprechaun?

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 006

Cindy had a crazy costume too.  Fittingly, she was a shamrock this year.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 007

One quick picture of the boys before the kids’ race.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 008

And one of my SOL sisters.

balloon arch pre race

The boys were very excited about their race!  In fact, I tried to catch them to run with them and it took me half a mile.  LOL

kids start1

They were even more excited to get their medals at the finish line. 

Dane medal me & boys medals

Here are the medals.

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 012 Shamrocks 4 Sandy 013

It was such a nice day to run.  The weather actually cooperated for once!  Here is Eileen running.


I ran the 10k today.  Guess what?  I got 3rd place in my age group!  Yay!  My official time was 53 minutes 43 second for 6.2 miles.  That is an 8:40 pace.  Not bad for me!

me medal

 This one is mine. :)


Eileen and I ran the second lap together and we both ended up with 3rd place in our age group.  Thanks for the run Eileen!

Shamrocks 4 Sandy 021

And here are my girls after the race.  Lots of medals!

Balloon Arch post race

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy a relaxing run today or go for the medal.  I am glad I pushed myself.  I thought of my boys as I was running the last windy, uphill (sort of) road and pushed myself.  So glad I did.  Thanks to my friends who pushed me today too.  I needed that.


So, I am wondering, how do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?



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