Happy Spring!


Yay!  It’s finally here!  Sort of…  At least we know that warmer days and more colorful scenery should be arriving soon.  Speaking of more colorful scenery, I am so incredibly excited about something I found today.  Many of you know of my running saga with my heel injury (and that it severely limits the shoes I can wear).  The only running shoes I can put on without question of injury are my Brooks Pure Cadence (1), which are thoroughly worn out and can no longer be replaced because the model is so old.  Or so I thought!  After my run today I really looked hard to replace them.  I found them!  And better yet – in my favorite color!

brooks yellow

Today I ran in the Ghost 6.  They were ok, just not the style I prefer.  They are clunky compared to what I am used to.  To be honest, I didn’t notice that much of a difference in cushioning either.  I can’t wait until my yellow Brooks arrive!

ghost 6 too

It was still a good run.  I was so happy to be out there!  I had not run since the race on Sunday and boy did I need it!  Tomorrow the girls and I have a long run. 


run with friends

Saturday is the second round of the Pinewood Derby.  Time to fix that loose wheel.


So, I am wondering, are we really getting more snow next week?

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  1. Margie

    I wear the Ghost 5 and love them. I wore Pure cadence when I trained and ran my first half. I loved them as well!!! I love the yellow.

    1. cashmeremiles@gmail.com (Post author)

      Can’t wait for them to get here. They missed my run this morning. Maybe next time. Was it hard for you to switch styles?

      1. Margie

        It was alittle hard but I just eased into it… A few miles at a time.

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