Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a very happy Halloween!  We did!  We had an unseasonably warm day that allowed the kids to be outside for hours in just their costumes.  Perfect!  My Pirate and Skylander (Chop Chop) were in heaven.


Fezziwig was a sport about debuting his costume as well.

TT Fez1

Although there are many different ways to celebrate Halloween, the boys love running through the neighborhood with their friends.

TT group 2Don’t get me wrong, they do love the candy as well.  But the real fun for them is being dressed up and running from house to house with their friends.  The mood is festive, the kids are excited, and everyone we meet is happy.  There is one very popular area of our neighborhood where we often bump into other groups of friends.  This year it included fire pits in driveways, a blow-up movie screen playing Monsters University and tons of other festivities.

TT houseHalloween was on a school day this year.  Before heading out with friends Aidan had a Halloween party in class and Dane had a Halloween parade.  After missing Halloween last year due to Hurricane Sandy, we certainly made up for it this year!

TT partyA TT paradeD

So, I am wondering, what did you do for Halloween?


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