Happy Friday

It’s Friday!  Yay!  We started today off with a surprise awards ceremony for Dane.  He won the character award for trustworthiness at his school.  I completely agree –  he is a kid you can really count on.

Daward2 .5.JPGHe had some idea he was getting an award because a little girl in his class who was receiving another award opened her secret envelope and read it to the class.  LOL.  I don’t think she is getting the trustworthy award anytime soon!

Daward3 cropSo both of my boys were recognized this week.  Time to redo the chalkboard.  Since it is Friday, it already has a couple of 100% tests on it in addition to their awards.

CB 2.JPGI realized today that basketball season is starting really soon!  Less than two weeks now for Aidan.  I decided to relax the “no balls in the house” rule for a little while to get prepared.  The boys are now allowed to dribble (no throwing!) their mini basketballs around the house.  They were thrilled with this news!  The pets on the other hand – not so much.  I may loose my sanity as well.  I guess we all better get used to the sound of bouncing basketballs though.

bball2Dane brought this picture home from school today.  I love my boys’ sense of humor.  It is timely too with my running club’s Thanksgiving 5k coming up.  Tara – is this your new catchphrase?  https://www.facebook.com/gobblewobble5kdrumstickdash

turkeySo, I am wondering, how many hours until Monday, when I can finally run again?!



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