Handana… the newest running gear you need to have.

I bet you are wondering what Handana is.  It is a fashionable, high performance sweatband that you wear on your hand.  It is designed to serve as sweat band and tissue all in one.


One of my best running friends heard of Handana and immediately thought of me.  Usually, I am the girl wearing the sweatband on my hand instead of on my arm.  Why were they ever designed for your arm, anyway?  It doesn’t make any sense for a runner since your arms are generally not hanging down at your sides.  And if my arm is sweating it doesn’t really bother me.  Now sweat dripping in my face – that bothers me.  So I wear the sweatband on my hand and use it to wipe my face.  I have to tell you though, the terry cloth material most sweatbands are made of can be very scratchy on your face.  On long runs my face is often chafed where I was wiping sweat away.

When I heard about Handana I was very interested.  First of all, it is worn in the right place for a runner.  It slips on your hand like a fingerless glove, allowing you free use of your hand and your fingers accessible for iPods, etc.


Secondly, Handana is made of soft yet durable Supplex Lycra fabric.  It wicks away sweat like a thirsty cloth, but is never scratchy against your skin.  In fact, it is soft and smooth.

When I first received my Handana I thought there was no way it would absorb enough.  I usually rotate my sweatband on long runs to make them last.  (I know, gross, right?)  So I took it on an 8 mile test drive.  It was in the low 70’s on this particular day –  warm enough to really need a sweatband!  I used the Handana over and over.  It was very soft.  It did not feel wet against my hand or my face.  The genius of the design is that there is a double layer of material right where you will use it most.  I am guessing that played a part in maintaining the dry feeling.  One way or another, it worked!  No need to rotate it.  This is what mine looked like after my run.

Handana post run

Pretty much the same as it did when I started!  But trust me, it had done its job.  Handana can also be used a tissue while running on those cold days!

Another concern I had when I first received my Handana is that it would be too bulky or warm.  It took about a half mile to get used to wearing it.  It is bigger than my usual sweatbands.  It was not bulky at all though and throughout my run my hand did not feel too warm.


Overall, I am very happy with my new Handana.  This will definitely be replacing my bulky, scratchy sweatbands.  I only wish I had purchased a pink one in time for this weekend’s Perfect 10 race. If you want to get your own Handana you can find them at www.myhandana.com.

When I decided to tell you about Handana, I did a little research on the product.  I found out that the inventor of this product is quite an inspirational runner herself.  Katie Niemeyer is a marathon runner who created Handana to solve a problem she was having while running.  Her manifesto is to inspire others to cross their finish line no matter where it is in life, and to empower others along the way.

But she is also a survivor of Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a life threatening skin condition that is most often caused by an adverse reaction to a medication.  The reaction can occur from almost any medication, including over the counter medications, and often starts with flu-like symptoms.  A large amount of people affected by SJS are children.  You can learn more about this condition at the Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation http://sjsupport.org/.

“Inspire others to cross their finish line, no matter where it is in life, and empower others along the way.”

So, I am wondering, do you use a sweatband while running?




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