Half Week

The theme for this week is half – the boys have half a week of school and I will be putting in my final training runs for the upcoming half marathon.

I am getting excited for the race!  I’m also a bit nervous that I won’t get my final, necessary training runs in.  Last week the weather forced quite a few changes in my planned running schedule.  When we finally had a nice day (and I had my old running partner back) I managed to squeeze in a long run.


I need to get 13 miles in at least once this week and right now tomorrow is not looking good.

Fezzy snow

The boys have half days at school this week, which they are thrilled about.  They even have Valentine’s Day off!  They are not actually off because of Valentine’s Day (teacher convention or something), but it does add to the fun of the day.  We spent part of today making valentines for important people.  I love these special times with my guys.

valentines pic

We also made the red velvet brownie bar recipe I posted last week.  They came out well.  Very yummy!  I will probably add a tablespoon of oil when I make them again – they were slightly dry.   Here they are before they went into the oven.

red velvet bar3

And after they were done.

red velvet bar2

The boys’ parent/teacher conferences are this week.  I am very proud of how well both of my guys do in school, but there are always things to talk about.  A teacher friend of mine posted a very insightful link on the 5 rules of parent/teacher conferences.  They are:

  1. Don’t focus on grades in elementary school;
  2. Ask the teacher what your child’s strength’s and weaknesses are in the classroom;
  3. Ask how your child is doing socially in school;
  4. Talk about options for gifted programs or remedial help – if these options apply to your child; and
  5. Place your pride aside so you can fix any problems your child may be having.

This sounds like good advice.  I am going to ask the boys’ teachers about some of these.  If you want to read the entire article, you can find it here: http://loweeducation.com/

So, I am wondering, how long should you wait before your first parent/teacher conference of the year?



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