Half Marathon Training

The countdown has begun for the Central Park Half Marathon.  17 days until me and about 15 of my friends will wake up at four in the morning to make a freezing cold trip into the city with all of our race essentials.  Trying to figure out the timing of when to eat, when to have coffee and when to get in line for the bathrooms is all part of the crazy fun of race day.  Hopefully when we arrive it will look like this

central park

and not like this!

central park snow

One way or another I know it will be a great day with my friends and I will have run a race in Central Park – something I have always wanted to do.

To run a half marathon you really do have to train.  There are all different levels of training plans available – for novice to experienced runners.  There are even couch to half marathon plans (I bet you have already heard of couch to 5k plans)!  If you are completely new to running but would like to tackle a half marathon, set aside about 14 weeks to get ready.  It is actually a good idea to give yourself 15 or 16 weeks because life sometimes doesn’t cooperate with our plans.  This way you will have a cushion if you or someone in your house gets sick or if anything else comes up.  Here is a couch to half marathon plan if you are interested.  http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2013/09/training-tips/couch-to-half-marathon-training-plan_15065

I have mentioned before that I have not done very well with planning the half marathons I have already run.  It is not ideal, and I am sure I could run a better time with better training.  But, if you already run at an intermediate or above level, you will be fine training for less time.  Here is a sample of a 10 week plan for an intermediate level runner.

10 week half training

To see this plan in more detail, look here http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/half-marathon-training#.  From past experience I have learned that it is best for me to get 13 miles in at least once before race day.  Many people do not find it necessary though.

Surprise, surprise, I am behind on training for the upcoming half.  I ran 10 miles today and only have two weeks left until race day!  That means next week has to be my 13 mile week, since you would never want to run that too soon before the race.  Now if only the weather will cooperate…  I am just not a treadmill runner.  I did get to try out my new ponytail hat today.  It worked great – it was warm and not annoying.  What else can you ask for?


Tonight we tried pumpkin pizza for dinner.

Pumpkin pizza 1  pumpkin pizza2  pumpkin pizza3

I adapted this recipe from the one posted on www.twopeasandthierpod.com  That recipe looks great too, but we love garlic and parmesan cheese and I didn’t have time to make the dough.  We liked this pizza a lot, and it is a nice alternative.  Traditional pizza is still our favorite though!

So, I am wondering, do you get up early to work out?


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