Life is good, even on the rainy days.  These guys are usually my number one reason why.


Did you ever notice that the gray days make the colors seem more vibrant?  I am so glad that the leaves and flowers are back again!  (Although I could do without all of the yellow pollen on everything!).  Jen and I ran on the trail yesterday and it was so green and pretty!  Can you tell how fast I was going?

green trees

I don’t know if I could ever give up running.  I really am so grateful for everything that it brings into my life.


I am hoping this double whammy shin splint / knee pain goes away really soon!  Injuries sometimes sneak up on you slowly over time.


I did run really hard last Sunday.  So today I went to hot yoga with Paula and Gina again.  I can tell already that yoga is going to be good for me.  Of course it improves flexibility – which all runners pretty much need.  But, like running, it is more than just exercise.  It helps you relax and really tune into what is going on with you.  How many of us really pay any attention to how we are doing on a regular basis?  Life is usually too busy to check in with ourselves.  But I am guessing that when we do, the rest of our choices and interactions will be even better.  Guess what?  I can actually do this!  Can’t wait to see what I can do in a couple of months!

hot or not

So far, yoga makes me starving though!  Is it a good thing I had these in the fridge?  Maybe I should stop buying the large size at BJ’s!

cherry tomatoes

Don’t forget to take a little time out of your day to remember what is good about your life.  Friends, family, work, soccer practice in the rain (the boys had such a good time tonight!) whatever.  Especially when things are tough or crazy busy.  Don’t forget:


So, I am wondering, what makes you happy?

I am also wondering, what food can you not stop eating?


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