Glassblowing at Hot Sand

Vacation has begun for us.  This time around it will be a week of “staycation,” including sleeping late, seeing friends and taking in the local sights.  After all, there is quite a bit to do where we live!


Today the boys and I went to Hot Sand, a glassblowing studio that has a gallery full of beautiful items for sale and a studio where you can make your own glass art.

boys1We each chose an item to make from their glassblowing activities menu.  Aidan decided to make an egg, in his favorite color – blue, of course!



Since the egg is hollow he got to blow the glass for this project.  We learned a lot about glassblowing during the process.  Our glass was about 2,000 degrees when it came out of the oven!  Crazy.  It was tough to see the colors while the glass was so hot.  It looked either white hot or glowing orange and red most of the time.  Aidan got to use diamond sheers to trim the top off of his egg so it would not be pointy.  Of course this brought us right back to Minecraft…  LOL.  Anyway, this is Aidan’s egg before it came off of the glassblowing tool.

A eggNext was Dane’s turn.  He decided to make a paperweight because the colors floating inside look so cool.  This project is solid, so no blowing.  He got to use a lot of tools though since it is made in 3 steps.  Of course it will be red and orange when it is cooled and set.  With bubbles.


Dane got to shape the hot glass into the design he wanted using large tweezers.  Pretty cool.

D1I couldn’t pass up this opportunity myself.  I made a candy dish, aka jewelry holder.  My project had a little bit of glassblowing and a little bit of shaping.  I can’t wait to see them all when we pick them up!


The studio had amazing glass art, most of which was for sale.  There was one little snowman I am really sad we left behind!  He may be coming home with us when we pick up our items.



ghost  ornaments

I definitely recommend a trip to Hot Sand if you are looking for something different to do.

So I am wondering, do you visit your local sights or drive by them?


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