Give Up Diet Soda With Me

This is my last diet soda.

last diet soda

There are just so many reasons not to drink this stuff, but I find I sometimes do anyway.  I have decided to make a serious effort to eliminate artificial sweeteners from my diet and I am starting with diet soda (well, all diets drinks, actually).  I am sure everyone is familiar with the controversy about whether artificial sweeteners cause health problems.  Why risk it when there are better options?  We really try our best to eat healthy at our house and in my family in general.  We are especially mindful of foods that are bad for your bones and the phosphoric acid in colas is terrible for them.  Did you know this?  I avoid phosphoric acid in everything else (I even look for it on labels!).  This is what Wikipedia has to say about this food additive –

Phosphoric acid, used in many soft drinks (primarily cola), has been linked in epidemiological studies to (1) chronic kidney disease and (2) lower bone density.

(1) A study performed by the Epidemiology Branch of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, concludes that drinking 2 or more colas per day was associated with doubling the risk of chronic kidney disease.[14]

(2) A study[15] using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry rather than a questionnaire about breakage, provides reasonable evidence to support the theory that drinking cola results in lower bone density.

So I am giving up diet soda and all diet drinks that are artificially sweetened.  I am still going to use stevia and truvia though.  (Already packed in my bag for emergencies!)  Thank goodness for vitamin water!

kayaking collage

The boys and I hit the bay today for kayaking and SUP.  It might be fair to say we are hooked.  The boys wanted to eat lunch on their kayaks.  ; )  So cute.  Of course I brought a bar.  This is another reason why I love them – they are so versatile.  Perfectly portable nutrition whether you are in the bay, at the bagel shop or waiting forever at the pediatrician.

summer lunch

Since we were already wet we decided to stop at the beach after we left the bay.  I could come here every day of the summer and be happy.


We went to Surf Taco for dinner tonight.  My boys are the best – they are always up for trying different foods.  Tonight we sampled all of the varieties of salsa to see which one we liked the best.  My sweet Aidan took a giant spoonful of the Baja salsa and you should have seen his face!  We were laughing so hard we were crying.  I’m not sure he entirely appreciated this, but he did end up laughing too.

surf taco

Tomorrow is a running day!  I can’t wait.  I have not been able to run since Friday and I really miss it.

running happy

So, I am wondering, will you give up diet soda with me?

I am also wondering, what is your favorite kind of bar?


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