Game Ball

We had a busy weekend with a bunch of highlights.  The most exciting part of it was Aidan’s baseball game.  The Bulls are either in first place or a half of a game away from first place.  (I should know this, I’m sure!)  Aidan caught a hard hit fly ball in right field and played a great game overall.  His team won 9-4 and he was given the game ball!  I’m so proud of my guy.

Me & A 1

Here he is right after making the catch.

A catch

His team is on to the playoffs now.  Wish them luck!  Dane had a soccer game this weekend as well, but of course I can’t take any pictures while coaching.  Dane played really well and I am proud of him too!

We tried a new restaurant with friends after the game.  It has a tropical theme and the best frozen drinks!  The boys were so happy to hang out with their friends they didn’t even mind being at a restaurant!  Loren and I decided we are definitely coming back without kids sometime soon.

Me & Loren

Today the cousins got together for a picnic lunch and playground fun.  They are so cute together.  Can you guess who makes all of the decisions in this group?  Yup – the little one.


He decided the boys were going to put on an impromptu play for us.  We were entertained with tropical music and a story about bees pooping on people!  For the finale, the littlest guy decided to make an appearance.  Too cute!


That’s it.  Except I found a new version of vitamin water on the way to the playground today.  Sparkling vitamin water in my favorite flavor of all time – black raspberry.  😉  Life is good.

Vitamin water

So, I am wondering, what was the highlight of your weekend?


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