Fun In The Pool

swim race

Today is the first day I have had fun in the pool!  I never thought this would happen. Jeannette and I decided to swim together today, and it is a good thing. It is not easy to get motivated to get in the pool when it is less than 20 degrees outside if you don’t love swimming! But we had a great time. We managed to talk while we did laps and the time flew by. Plus Jeannette taught me some new strokes. It’s nice to have good friends. We did have to race each other once though. Well, once that we admitted to each other. 😉

just keep swimming

We definitely needed a juice fix when we were done. If you haven’t tried the lemon zinger at Schwee Tea yet, you really should. We couldn’t even manage to take a picture before we finished them.

20150107_110554 It was a day for my favorite drinks and late pictures.


I have been drinking Shakeology now for a while because I am not always good at making sure my nutrition is as good as it can be. I love the chocolate shakes and I don’t have to worry about refueling after a workout. Plus, it has 17 grams of protein per shake.


Guess what came today???


I can’t wait until I am able to try them. They even have a secret message inside.


So, I am wondering, do you like swimming?


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