Fun and Games

Today was field day at Dane’s school and they had the perfect weather for it.  Here is Dane with his best friends from class.

FD friends

Field day in our school involves a lot of water games, a DJ, dancing, and a ton of ice pops.  The kids love it.  Well, the boys were not thrilled when the DJ played “Let It Go” from Frozen and told the kids it was a sing-a-long.  Of course the girls all went crazy!  My station this year was water balloons, but there are a ton of games.

FD collage

The boys think photo bombing is hysterical.  It was not as easy to get these pictures as it looks.

FD photo bomb

I did manage to get one with me and my guy though.

FD me Dane

And here he is after the water bucket game.  I’m pretty sure there was a hose involved at this station too.  Thanks for the picture Steph!

FD wet Dane

Before field day the girls and I squeezed in a run.  I am so glad Jen and Eileen could run today too.  It was really hot!  But we were catching up and the miles went so much faster than running alone on a hot day!

run collage 6

Did you see the USA beat Ghana tonight?  Such an exciting game!  The boys and I loved it and they were very excited to see a head ball goal!  We will be watching again on Sunday.

usa flag

USA Ghana world_cup_2014

So, I am wondering, did you have field day as a child?




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