Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are all the rage with the kids in our neighborhood right now.  Everywhere you go you see boys and girls alike wearing one or more of these colorful accessories.  I have to admit to having a few myself that my boys made for me (I wore one to my last race for good luck!).  As a parent of boys I am so thrilled for a constructive and positive toy fad!  How wonderful that the kids are making tokens of friendship for each other!  So different than fighting each other with toy light sabers or spending their time in front of an iPod!


These bracelets reminded me tonight of how lucky my boys and I are to have such great friends.  We have so many special people in our lives – our family, friends in our neighborhood, friends from Scouts and sports and of course my running club.  We have our beach crew friends, book club friends and friends from school.  We are truly blessed and appreciate our friends so much.  So while life is a bit crazy right now, it is fun too because we get to share the mayhem with our friends.

FriendsPoem  kitten friends

So, I am wondering, how do your friends and family make your days a bit brighter?


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