I can not seem to get warm lately! Does this happen to you? It doesn’t matter whether I’m outside or bundled up on the couch. It’s usually warm when you run though, no matter what the outside temperature is.  Really, it is… once you get past the first mile or so. Eileen managed to convince us this morning that we live in Antarctica and I fell back into my old habit of overdressing. We still had a great run.

BlurImage(10-2-2015 11-46-37)

Eileen made my day by wearing the hat I made us last year. I have to find mine. I hate to even mention that my leg is a little sore. Hopefully just getting back in shape, but I might have to stick with soft ground for a little while longer. :-(

Check out this PR Bell! Have you ever heard of a better idea than that!  My running club is thinking about having one at our Shamrocks for the Shore St Patty’s Day race.


Here is proof that taking pictures after every run is perfectly normal.


The boys love shopping at Five Below. It is one of the few stores they don’t complain about going to. I guess that’s the difference between having girls and having boys.

BlurImage(10-2-2015 8-34-29)

So, I am wondering, do you take selfies…yet?


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