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Today I have realized once again that the lessons I learned in economics class in college still permeate my everyday life.  Probably not in exactly the way my professor intended though.  For example, the concept that there is no such thing as a free lunch (Milton Friedman) came to mind today when I realized with finality that now is the time to start that “juice detox” Sandy and I had talked about before Christmas.  Unfortunately there was an opportunity cost to all of those holiday indulgences!  It is hard to bake cookies for 10 days straight and still feel healthy afterwards!


Now the question is timing, really.  I am not very good at not running.  So three days without exercise is probably not going to happen.  I do take weekends off though, so I will probably start on Friday and go through the weekend.  Hopefully I won’t faint at the basketball game.  Just kidding.  I have researched this well and it seems quite safe.  I will post my recipes once I make them.

We had our first basketball practice tonight since break.  Too bad I never remember to take pictures!  Hopefully I will remember this weekend at the game.  The boys are doing so well!  I love seeing their skills improve and they are really coming together as a team.  I am enjoying coaching this sport more than I thought I would and, of course, I love coaching with my dad.  Basketball is a much more intimate sport than soccer – probably because there are less players on each team.  We are 1 and 1 so far.  I know Aidan really wants to win this weekend.  We’ll see!  Dane has his first game this weekend (his level starts later).  Wish us luck!

Aidan has a birthday coming up soon and he will be turning 10!  I can’t believe it.  He has told me this is his most important birthday because it is the only time he will turn double digits.  No pressure.  I am pretty sure he will have a great time.  Now on to the annual challenge of a birthday sweet.  Aidan does not eat cake – in any form.  He does not even like icing.  Chocolate chip cookies are one of his favorites though.  One year I had this great idea to make a layered cookie cake.  Sounds pretty good, right?

cookie cake

No one mentioned that it is absolutely impossible to cut into!  It was very embarrassing in front of 30 kids and their parents when I was sawing into this thing with almost no success!  (I am sure a few of you remember this!)  Finally we just broke pieces off and ate it!  So I am not sure what will be the centerpiece of Aidan’s birthday table, but I am sure it will not be this!

Here is a picture of the boys with their paternal grandparents from 2010.  Aidan would call it a “pic pic” – a picture of a picture.  He even has the teenage lingo going already.  They were so little!  Time flies.

J & L 2010

So, I am wondering, have you ever tried a juice detox?

Also, any ideas for Aidan’s birthday “uncake”?

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  1. Anonymous

    You r doing a great job coaching the boys! They looked great last night! Great pic of boys with the g parents! How about one huge cookie cake!? My frien has one every year… Yummy!

    1. (Post author)

      Aidan would definitely like this idea. It’s on the list! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    How about making a big batch of cookie dough, divide it up amongst the kids and put out bowls of M&Ms, Reeses pieces, choc chips, jelly beans, gummy worms, etc and let the kids mix in whatever they want and bake than each a big cookie. Do games or presents while they bake

    1. (Post author)

      What a great idea! We won’t be home though. I wonder if I can bring cookie dough with me. The venue has a refrigerator. Do all parents let their kids eat cookie dough? I do!

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