First Run Back

Today was the day!  My first day back to running!

Start-LineI tried not to think too much about it as I got the kids to school this morning.  After all, I was in completely different shape the last time I ran.  These are some of my last runs before I went to the doctor.

logNot very consistent – I was trying to ignore my Achilles.  But I will get back.  Hopefully even better.  So here is my message for today.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Don’t be afraid to try!

put on shoesIt really is that easy.  Don’t let your mind fool you.

It might not be pretty.  Today was not a very elegant run for me.  I was overdressed (I know, my running girls can hardly believe it, right?).  My pace was all over the place.  My wind resistance was gone.  I am going to be completely honest with you here.  It was not easy today.  And 3 miles for me is not a lot.  But guess what?  When I finished I felt great.  Empowered.  Alive.  Accomplished.  It is totally worth it.  And from past experience I have learned a bit about the process of starting over for me.  My next run will be worse.  Slower and more difficult because I will probably be sore.  My third run will be a bit better, and by my fourth run I will be back.  Not back in mileage, but back to enjoying my run.  I will push through because I know it will be worth it.  You should try it if you can.

Newbie-How-to-Start-Running-InfographicI found this bracelet on my run today.  I am taking it as a sign.  It is mine and my boys’ favorite colors.  :)


So excited for the rest of my day now.  I am off with my mom to pick up something I am so excited about.  Maybe this birthday won’t be so bad, after all.

So, I am wondering, will you try running?


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