Final Preparations

Final preparations for our big weekend are under way and we are exhausted!  The boys got their banner and flag completed tonight for the Blue and Gold Dinner this weekend.  An hour and a half seems like a long time for a meeting, but it flies by while we are working on projects.  Our den flag is an ongoing project that will be added to as the boys progress in rank each year.  Here is the front so far:

flag front

valentines 010

We chose a camping theme for this side of the flag because camping twice a year is such a big part of scouting.  Our camping trips usually have themes, so we will add something to our flag commemorating the theme after each camping trip.  So far these boys have attended 3 camping trips (as scouts and not siblings!) – Frontierland, Dinosaur Days and Minecamp (Minecraft).  The back of the flag has a section for each rank the boys will pass through.  We will add memorable items from each year to this side as well.

valentines 003

flag back1

The Central Park Half Marathon is only 3 days away as well!  The girls and I are figuring out all of the race day logistics like whether we should drive in or take the train (final decision is to drive – the subway is too unreliable on a Sunday!).  It seems like bag check and bib pick up will be quite easy with this race.  Security at races has been pretty tight since Boston, so you never know.  Another hot topic is what to wear to the race.  We are all used to running in 20 degree weather!  Today was a first breakthrough of warmer weather and we could barely take it on our run!  Race day weather is supposed to be great, so we will have to shed a few layers.


I guess Eileen and I won’t need the hats I made for us after all. 

hats 001

Of course, there will be 2 basketball games and baseball tryouts before any of this happens.  Life moves fast around here!

So, I am wondering, what do you have planned for the weekend?




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