Feed Your Soul

feed your soul

Sometimes the daily grind of life takes its toll on us and our happiness suffers. The winter can be tough for this too with less daylight and more time indoors. It’s so important to take care of yourself at these times! We all know how much better life is in general when we are happy. Our outlook is better and our relationships are more fun. So the tough question is: What makes you happy?


Running always makes me happy. I am readopting my mantra from last year – Never Regret A Run. And I am even happier to be back after having to take so much time off.  So I am pretty happy lately!


Running with friends is even better. I didn’t get to spend time with some of these girls when I wasn’t running and I am so glad to be catching up with them again. Hopefully we will be able to get our regular runs set up again soon. We have a great running community where I live and I am excited to run with all of the girls again. My leg feels great – what a relief!!!  The hokas and not running on the road are helping too.


Spending time with my friends always makes me happy. I have such great friends! <3 It really replenishes your energy and positive outlook to be with great friends.


I’m not sure I ever want to be without hot yoga again either. Meditation and being really present are so hard to do in everyday life! We are always multitasking! Yoga helps me put things in perspective and really take a break from the craziness and “noise.”  I always feel restored after yoga.

What makes you happy? Squeeze in some time to reconnect with yourself – you will be glad you did!

We had our first real snow today. It was beautiful.


We were supposed to get enough snow to possibly have a delayed school opening tomorrow, but it stopped early! The boys are so disappointed! But Fezziwig is not. Lol.



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