Family Time in Long Beach

A visit to California wouldn’t be the same for us without stopping at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, especially since the boys and their grandparents are members there!

20141103_152047The sea life here is always fun to watch. We especially liked the school of sardines this time, swimming together in a giant metallic wave.  Pictures of the animals don’t come out very well at the aquarium.  Except for this sea star.

blurred_image(4-11-2014 9-9-6)

That’s ok because we really came to spend time with family. Here are the boys with their grandparents.

20141103_140046The giant whale here is pretty cool.

20141103_121835This is a family full of boys.  My beautiful sister in law was here too,  but she is taking some time off of pictures. I think we all do that sometimes.

20141103_140205(0)I love this glass mosaic sculpture. A friend of mine taught me to make mosaics a few years ago and I can only imagine how long this one took to make.

20141103_141715The boys matched today because they were taking Christmas pictures with their cousin. My handsome guys.

20141103_140006It was a fun day.

Another great thing about vacation is the omelet station at breakfast.


So, I am wondering, do you eat more or less when you are on vacation?


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