Family Game Night

November 8 – Today I am grateful for family game night.

We recently started “family night” again, at Dane’s request.  He envisioned it just being special time that we spend together doing something fun.  We have watched a movie together, gone to a restaurant together and played games together.  It really is a great idea and we all look forward to it.  Tonight was the game night version.

game night1We started with dinner in front of the t.v. – something we normally do not do.  I think the boys just like to eat off of the trays, to be honest.

dinnerMonopoly is one of the boys’ favorite games.  We have a few versions.  Dane is quite a shrewd player and often wins, but this time Aidan is giving him a run for his money.  We never finish in one day.  Good thing we don’t need the dining room table for anything soon!

game night2

For posterity’s sake I wanted a picture of the three of us.  Aidan laughed and called it a “triple selfie.”  He is right.  (Sandy – I think I just violated my own rule!)

game night3Tomorrow starts a busy weekend.

So, I am wondering, what is your favorite board game?


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