Fall Fun

Fall is such a great season.  There are so many fun and festive things to do.  Today the boys and I decorated pumpkins.  We will carve pumpkins this year too, but closer to Halloween.  It is not cold enough here yet to make them last more than a week once carved.


We had a great time and it reminded me of all of the past years that we have decorated pumpkins.  I am feeling nostalgic lately.  It seems like the boys are so big now.  Which is good, of course.  But I do miss those little cuties.  Anyway, the house is half decorated, there is a slight chill in the air and apple cider donuts are back.  Life is good.

This weekend I get to run the Perfect 10 race with many of the girls in my running club.  It is supposed to be a scenic, flat ten mile course through a park.  I am excited.  It is an all female race with bands along the course and spa-like amenities afterwards.  The race is started by the “Bow-tie guys.”  You got it, shirtless eye candy wearing bow ties!  CGI, the race sponsors, have emailed updates that include affirmations such as “You are a perfect 10,” “You are Super,” “Today you will shine,” and Beauty is within” among others.  How often do you get emails like that?  And the perks are great too.  Finishers receive a running jacket that says “Perfect 10 Miler.”  Not too shabby.  http://www.cgiracing.com/perfect10miler/CGIRacing%7CPerfect10Miler.aspx

perfect 10 in

I received something in the mail that I am pretty excited about.  I ran with it today and will definitely be wearing it during the Perfect 10 race.  It is called a Handana.  I will tell you more about it tomorrow.  No time to do it justice now.

Hope you are enjoying fall so far!


So, I am wondering, do you carve or paint pumpkins?


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