Elf on the Shelf

Or on the toilet…  I woke up this morning to the excited yells of the boys as they discovered Sammy, our elf, sitting on the top of their toilet.  That wasn’t all I heard either.  Sammy was next to Jolly, a snowman friend of his, who will be visiting with us for the season as well.  sammy1Jolly is quite vocal and quite loud!  He loves potty humor – the boys favorite kind.  He sings (to the tune of Up on the Housetop), “Ho, ho, ho, who’s gotta go?, Ho ho ho, who’s gotta go?  Here in the bathroom, don’t mind me.  I’m here to keep you company.”  He also makes comments like “What are ya doing?  On second thought, never mind!”  Sammy brought a note too.

sammy noteSo, our time with Sammy begins!  I wonder what antics he will get into this year?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThanksgiving was one of my favorites this year.  It could only have been better if my brother and his family from Ohio could make it and if my sister stayed for Black Friday shopping.  We had such a fun day catching up…SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Me, J M

thanksgiving nana

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd, of course, eating!

Thanksgiving boysI hope your Thanksgiving was great too!

So, I am wondering, when does your elf return?


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