Easter Bread Day!

The Saturday before Easter is Easter Bread Day in our family.  All of the girls get together and spend the day catching up and making a lemon yeast bread.

Easter Bread and Morning 092

This bread takes about 4 hours to make if you are making only one bread.  This year we made 8 breads!  So we take our time and enjoy each other’s company.

Easter Bread collage

My mom and I started making this bread in 1980 to have for breakfast Easter morning.

Me & mom.JPG

We have made it every year since.  We used to be very good about waiting for Easter morning to eat it – not so much anymore!  After spending the day in a house that smells of fresh baked lemon bread, it is too hard to wait!  Thankfully, we make enough to have both days.

Easter Bread and Morning 077

It is a fun, special day.

Easter Bread and Morning 087

The guys have their own fun this day – doing guy things.  This year they went to the park and played sports.

Easter Bread and Morning 064

Easter 2014 063

So, I am wondering, do you have any special ester recipes or traditions?



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